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Monday, September 29, 2008

e-readers battle for channels...

There was a short but interesting piece on the O'Reilly TOC blog about 10 days ago on the growing "face-off between Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader" for distribution channels. SONY has been working on expanding availability through multiple channels, while Amazon has stuck mostly to its own channel for distribution.

The question we have, is which one will be willing to sell their device through the college store channel first? We have been speaking with one of the companies, but would be very interested in talking with the other (or other e-reader companies) about doing some pilots in the college store space.


TT said...

we are hoping to pilot an ereader for an exec mba AND a smaller fresh class this next year. hope to go campus wide in 2 if the cards play out right.

Dr. Mark R. Nelson said...

TT -- please contact me. I would like to learn more about your e-reader pilot and perhaps offer some assistance if we can. We have helped with some other e-reader pilots and have plans to provide both content and an e-reader device starting in 2009.