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Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Media Solutions pilots and PR

Well, the first press release regarding NACS Media Solutions came out this week, which has left me pretty busy responding to phone calls and e-mails on top of other tasks. This is just the first set of pilots -- and the first set of content and delivery mechanisms. This is a follow-up to the article that appeared in Campus Marketplace last week.

Over the past few days, the press release has been picked up by several sources. The article in The Chronicle of Higher Education has driven a lot of attention. The article notes, however, that there will be 30 stores in the pilots by January. This is actually incorrect. In the January timeframe we will begin recruiting the next set of stores to participate, and about the same time will be adding the next set of content. The goal is ultimately to provide content in any format students want, and reduce the costs for delivering that content for students, stores, and content providers.

Beyond the Chronicle piece and other articles, several blogs have also picked up on the story. Some have been favorable, others have been less so. I should note that the pilots include a web-based component in addition to the kiosks. This will allow students to pre-order or pre-reserve content, allowing them to avoid any lines that may form at the kiosks. in 2009, streaming download of content should also be possible. We are still looking for partners for content, as well as some infrastructural components.

Another announcement will follow on Monday, Oct 6.

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