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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogroll added

I have mentioned several blogs in the past on this site, so a couple days ago I began to add a list of them in a blogroll to the left. If you have a blog or know of another blog that is relevant to this blog then post a response or drop me an e-mail and I will add more to the list. One of the items I added today is the blog for Speak Up, which is part of the Project Tomorrow initiative. For some interesting data on k-12 and technology from both student and teacher points of view, check out their presentation materials and other data.

Also, today I added the link for the Being Five blog, one of my favorite online comics. The format for the site changed recently, and yesterday's comic is one that appeared before, but it is a good one. Here it is:


Tony said...

Here are a few you might consider adding:
1. A librarian who posts on the Ohio stuff.

2. Alison Pendergast who's a publisher.

3. This guys a bit Kindle obsessed, but sometimes has good information


M said...

Thanks, those are good suggestions and good blogs. I am familiar with and/or follow at least two of those.