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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Students Don't Feel Prepared for Careers

A new report found that just 40% of all college students feel they are “very prepared” to enter the workforce. At the same time, the survey, conducted in March and April by McGraw-Hill Education, added that overall satisfaction with the college experience rose from 65% in 2014 to 79% in 2016.

However, more students would like to see their schools provide: 
  • More internships and professional experiences (67% in 2016, up from 59% in 2014).
  • More time to focus on career preparation (59% in 2016, up from 47% in 2014).
  • Better access to career-preparation tools (47% in 2016, up from 38% in 2014)
  • More alumni networking opportunities (34% in 2016, up from 22% in 2014).

More than 70% of the students reported that planning for a rewarding career while in college was “extremely important,” while nearly 80% cited interpersonal skills as the most important attribute in landing a job. Students also value technology, with 85% saying that using tools in classes made them better job candidates.

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Anonymous said...

Working in the College Industry I wonder how much helicopter parenting has to do with a students ability to be prepared for the job market after college. At some point (as hard as it is) parents need to step back and let their young adult make his(her)own decisions, face their own consequences. That is one way to help learn to be self sufficient.