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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

App Helps Students Pick a School

Now there’s an app to help students find the perfect college match. The “school matcher” feature added to the Prep4SAT and Prep4GMAT adaptive standardized test-prep apps uses algorithms that identify institutions that align with users’ interests.

A short survey helps determine a student’s preference on school size, tuition range, and location. The app, developed by the Boston-based firm LTG Exam Platform, then shows which strengths and weaknesses the students needs to focus on to gain admission to the college of their choice.

Teachers can use the app to track the progress of their students and develop customized lesson plans that address student weaknesses.

“Apps that are a 24/7 companion and make the best recommendations at all times will be the most useful in the future,” Elad Shoushan, founder and CEO of LTG Exam, said in an article for eCampus News. “That’s what we’re building at LTG: a 24/7 companion that effectively learns about the user in their process of learning and then aids them in the process of admissions. Why pay for an expensive course and books when a student can try a better, more personalized service for free on their phone?”

Prep4Stat is a free download in both the App and Google Play stores. It adds about 40,000 new users each month, making it the top SAT app in the Google Play store and No. 3 in the iOS store.

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