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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Google Glass a Perfect Fit for Feedback

Google Glass made quite a splash when it was first introduced, but questions remain about the usefulness of the technology. While recent reports show it doesn’t make texting and driving any safer, a finance professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is using the gadget as a better way to reach his students.

Michael Gofman utilizes Google Glass to provide students in his corporate finance course much more detailed feedback after lessons and exams. His teaching assistant uses Glass to create video reviews of assignments or exams for each student in the class, and then downloads them to a course website that can be accessed at any time. After just one semester of use, student evaluation scores measuring the quality of feedback for the course increased 38% over the year before.

“Instead of marking the paper and posting the solution, we can record personalized videos for each student,” Gofman told eCampus News. “We’re not just showing their grade and what they did wrong, but how they can improve in the future. The technology was the perfect fit for the problem.”

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