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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vandy, Maryland Team on MOOC

Massive open online courses can reach a vast number of students, but have been limited to one school offering the course from a single platform. Now, Vanderbilt University and the University of Maryland are working together to develop a cross-institutional MOOC on mobile app development.

The MOOC will begin Jan. 6 with two segments 10 weeks in length hosted on the Coursera platform.

“Creating such an opportunity for Vanderbilt and University of Maryland students alone would be incredibly complex in a traditional environment,” Douglas Schmidt, professor of computer science and computer engineering at Vanderbilt, told eCampus News. “With the MOOC platform, not only is it possible, it will now be available to learners globally.”

The Maryland portion of the MOOC will teach students user-facing portions of mobile apps, while the Vanderbilt portion will focus on the server portion of mobile apps, according to a press release from Vanderbilt.

“Faculty-driven collaborations have historically been common in the research sphere, but the MOOC environment now allows that visceral excitement that comes from the sharing of different perspectives to be applied to the teaching domain as well,” said Cynthia Cyrus, associate provost of undergraduate education at Vanderbilt.

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