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Monday, September 23, 2013

Report Finds Online Students Satisfied

A new study from higher education consulting firm Noel-Levitz found that 75% of online students say they are satisfied with their learning experience. In comparison, just 55% of traditional campus-based students expressed satisfaction with their experience.

“Creating connections with students is the great challenge of online education,” Julie Bryant, associate vice president at Noel-Levitz and author of the report, told eCampus News. “How do you keep student interest and involvement when their ‘classroom’ is a computer screen? That’s precisely why so many online programs survey their students about their satisfaction levels.”

While satisfaction with online learning is high, there is still concern among respondents about the quality of instruction in web-based courses. The study also found that the primary factor in satisfaction was the cost of the education, a fact that may have boosted satisfaction with online students.

“With the rising cost of college, students and their families are certainly becoming more critical about the advantages of college education and whether it’s worth it,” Bryant said.

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