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Monday, September 30, 2013

Students Still Skeptical of Online Courses

A new report, titled “Not Yet Sold, found that students may not be as satisfied with their online educational experience as previously reported. In fact, 38% of the community college students responding to a survey from Public Agenda said web-based courses were harder to pass than the traditional classroom model.

Six of 10 students also said online courses required more discipline than attending class in person, and 40% said they learned less than in classrooms or lecture halls. In addition, three-quarters of employers surveyed for the study agreed that online courses require the same or more discipline from students than traditional classes.

“Just as online education itself is rapidly changing, we expect student and employer attitudes to shift as well,” the authors of the study wrote. “Still, we need to consider the skepticism of those on the ground, especially if we hope to avoid any unintended consequences.”

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