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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Responses to Apple's E-textbook Announcement

Here’s a collection of responses from campuses that came after Apple’s E-textbook announcement.  Here are the brief summaries and to read entire responses click here.

“More professors will try making custom textbooks for their courses.”

“Making it easy-to-create books will help authors keep textbooks more up-to-date.”

“Alumni offices and other departments can now enter the e-book world.”

“Apple’s announcement is far from revolutionary, and in fact locks content in the company’s products.’’

“Apple will likely refine its e-textbooks over time, as it did with the iPod and iPhone.”

“The spotlight on e-textbooks will help all players.”

Probably the key takeaway at this stage is that Apple's foray into e-textbooks will help further accelerate awareness and adoption of digital course materials.  A great thing for companies and retailers that are already positioning themselves in that direction.  Perhaps not so great for those who still think digital does not matter.

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