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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Learning from Amazon

BNet had an interesting piece a couple months ago on 6 ecommerce strategies Amazon uses that other retailers should adopt. Most of these effect discoverability of the store's products within search engines -- part of SEO or search engine optimization strategies. (Yes, yet another type of technology-based strategy with real business implications for you to think about). No surprises in the list from the article, but something for stores to think about as they evaluate their own e-commerce tools:

1. Let your customers help keep your website fresh
2. Get more control over your listings in Google
3. Win on long-tail key phrases
4. Make it easy to find things
5. Personalize the experience
6. Anticipate customers' questions

All good topics and strategies to improve customer engagement (#1), improve visibility to customers (#2-4), and improve the customer experience (#4-6).

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