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Monday, August 30, 2010

Echo Smartpen from Livescribe

In a previous posting, we discussed Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen. The smartpen looks like an ordinary pen but also includes memory storage, OLED display, speaker, microphone, camera, and a USB connector. When the pen is used with special paper, the camera tracks the movement of anything that is written or drawn while recording audio.

According to a posting on Engadget, this fall Livescribe will release a new pen called Echo. The Echo will include additional storage as well as software to allow users to export their notes to a computer. Users can then share their notes via social networks, email, etc. In addition, when the pen is connected to a computer via a USB cable, anything that is drawn on the paper will be streamed to the computer in real time. These additional features could make the pens very useful for both students and instructors.

The Livescribe website features more information and a video demo.

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