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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dual-screen e-readers on campuses this fall

According to a recent article from Wired Campus, this fall 50 college bookstores will carry the Entourage Edge e-reader and about 100 students at three campuses will test the Kno e-reader.

As mentioned in previous postings, both the Edge and the Kno were designed for education. The Edge is a hybrid e-reader with a 9.7 inch, black and white, E Ink screen for reading and taking notes, and a 10.1 inch color LCD screen for viewing images, videos, and the internet. Publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Cengage Learning, and Elsevier have made digital content available on the device through the Entourage e-book store.

In comparison, the Kno is a foldable dual-screen e-reader/notebook that includes two 14-inch LCD screens and the ability to highlight and annotate. Cengage Learning, McGraw Hill, Pearson, and Wiley will provide select digital resources for the pilot this fall. The Kno is expected to go on sale in October and ship in time for the holidays.

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