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Monday, June 7, 2010

E-reader and tablet news

New competitors continue to enter the e-reader and tablet space. Here is some info about the latest announcements.

  • According to Bloomberg.com, Amazon may release a new version of the Kindle in August. The new version will still feature a black and white screen but it will have a sharper and more responsive display. The device will also be thinner than existing models. In addition, a posting on the Bits Blog says that Amazon may be working on devices with color screens and touch functionality.
  • Last week, Dell introduced a smartphone/tablet hybrid called Streak. The device will be sold like a phone but with its 5-inch touchscreen it is larger than others on the market. According to the ZDNet blog, Streak will run Google’s Android operating system and include 3G/WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities as well as a 5 mexapixel camera.
  • According to Information Week, Motorola may release a 7 to 10 inch Android tablet later this year that serves as a companion product to a TV.
  • Last week at the Computex show in Taipai, Taiwan, Asus announced new devices called the Eee Pad and the Eee Tablet. According to CNET, there will be 10-inch and 12-inch versions of the Eee Pad that are designed to provide users with “a real-time cloud-computing experience.” The Eee Tablet will be more like a traditional e-book reader but will include a stylus for note-taking and annotation. A release date for the devices is not yet known.
  • Also at the Computex show, MSI showed off its 10-inch, Windows 7 tablet called WindPad. A posting on Engadget includes a video demo of the device.
  • In July, Borders will begin selling a second e-reader called the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro. The device comes with 100 pre-loaded classic books. Consumers can also purchase the Kobo e-reader from Borders. According to the retailer’s website, the first shipment has sold out and new orders will arrive in early July.

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