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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second Life graduation to be held at Bryant & Stratton College

According to a posting on the Bryant & Stratton website, the college will be the first to host a graduation ceremony in the Second Life virtual world. The posting notes that approximately 40 graduates in the online degree program will receive their degree right where they earned it – online. A video on the website explains that the graduating students are located all over the country so the virtual graduation will let them take part in a real ceremony. Audio of the commencement will be streamed live to students and will feature a commencement speaker, speeches from students receiving top honors, and each student’s name announced as they accept their virtual diploma. Scott Traylor, director of admissions commented, “This is an exciting event for Bryant & Stratton and its graduates. By starting their new life via Second Life, these graduates are continuing their journey down the path of learning, while experiencing new and interactive technologies that help prepare them for a world driven by innovation." Bryant & Stratton also offers its students a variety of virtual activities via its Second Life campus. Prospective students can even attend a virtual open house to meet with staff from admissions and talk with current students.

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