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Friday, May 15, 2009

Apple files patent for an iTunes kiosk

It seems that Apple also has plans to enter the entertainment kiosk space. A recent posting on AppleInsider says that Apple has filed a patent for a kiosk that will enable iPod and iPhone users to download content to their devices while traveling or in locations where there is no Wi-Fi connectivity. The patent indicates that unlike other entertainment kiosks, the iTunes kiosk will not require users to pair their media devices to the kiosk which can cause excessive wear on the media device connector. Instead the kiosk will be able to detect the presence of the media device and will establish a wireless data channel with the device. Apple plans to place these kiosks in “virtually any location such as an airport, hotel, stadium, train station, shopping mall, stores, planes, ships, public transportation vehicles, and the like." Consumers will be able to download the latest hit songs and movie releases as well as, any audio and video available in the iTunes store.

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