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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Soybits map of publishing trends for 2008

Soybits, a Spanish blog that focuses on publishing trends recently created an interesting subway map visual of the publishing trends for 2008. Such maps are becoming more common, with several examples out there for web traffic in general. This one is of interest because it shows more of the digital content and publishing space. For those that do not speak Spanish, you may not be able to read portions of the map but you can see how e-book readers, publishers, authors, blogs, technology platforms, and formats among others, impacted the publishing industry in 2008 and the connections that were established between each. The map provides an interesting insight into the evolution of technologies and organizations involved with changing the e-book environment. As the Princeton University Press blog noted: “The best part is, both industry insiders and outsiders can glance at an image and take away from that image what is universally understood about maps: there’s more than one way to get there.”

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