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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year -- and Thank You!

Happy 2009 to all of our readers. In the past year we have covered a number of topics and stories -- from developments with e-readers to innovations in education. We are approaching our 300th blog posting. Since we began tracking number of visits back in April we have had over 8500 visitors to the blog representing 110 countries from around the world. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as we have found it enjoyable to produce. 2009 is looking like it will be an eventful year in the digital content space.

We are interested in hearing from you about developments or innovations related to digital content, course materials, and education. If you are doing something interesting in this space, or have recently come across an interesting study, please share!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful, and productive New Year-
Mark (NACS Digital Content Strategist) &
Liz (NACS Digital Content Analyst)

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