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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Interesting future e-reader device

A colleague forwarded a video to me today on the future of the e-reader device. The video is in French, but do not be dismayed, the general premise and concepts are still quite apparent. My conversational French is quite rusty, but I was able to get by and get some interesting ideas from the video even with "mute."

The video can be found at Editis and is entitled "Possible ... ou Probable." You can access it from the link by selecting "voir la video" via either a high speed (streaming téléchargement rapide) or low speed (streaming téléchargement plus lent) format. The video runs about 10 minutes in length.

Some of the interesting segments are when the gentleman was able to scan the e-book over the regular book at the bookstore and then check out at the register. The interactive travel guide they were using via the e-book was also very cool -- in part because it appeared to be location aware.

How long until this type of technology is reality?


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