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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Digital Content Strategic Planning Taskforce

NACS recently formed a strategic planning taskforce in the area of digital content.

The initial charges for this task force are centered on the question of how NACS can best assist stores in positioning themselves for an increasingly complex and competitive digital environment. These include:
1. Develop a position statement for NACS role in digital content services to members.
2. Develop a high priority list of areas or objectives (not specific tasks) that NACS should concentrate on over the next 6-18 months (related to digital content delivery)
3. Identify success metrics for 12-18 months out - Delineating between "stretch" targets and expected achievements.

The desired outcomes from this task force include the following objectives or deliverables:
1. Consensus around industry priorities for positioning NACS and its members relative to digital content sales and services;
2. A list of priority areas or objectives for the NACS board to consider and discuss. The task force may be asked to further identify the resource requirements necessary to pursue one or more of the recommended objectives.

We are interested in getting more input into this taskforce, which consists of a powerhouse of talent from among the stores and some external perspectives. Please leave comments with your thoughts or suggestions. In the months ahead, I will post additional items and questions out of the taskforce allowing this to be a forum for disussion beyond the taskforce members.

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