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Monday, November 26, 2007

Back from Break

Hi folks,

Sorry for the long blog silence. The past month has been hectic. I did quite a bit of traveling around the continent giving talks, attending meetings, and visiting stores.

A quick nod to the Canadians and sorry I could not make it to CSC in person. My flight was cancelled almost 12 hours before I took off. There was great thinking on the feet though -- we managed to pull off the talk by pulling together the phone and the hotel PA system. That's the first time I have given a conference presentation remotely. I, back at home, was able to give the talk while still in my PJ's -- another new first for me. Next year I hope to make it to CSC in person.

The CACS meeting was also enjoyable. There was an engaged audience at the session, and the post-presentation buzz was good. I hope those who attended my session found it useful and thought-provoking.

As for me, I'm back home -- stuffed from turkey on the holiday, and with a stuffy nose from a bad cold. My apologies in advance for all of those I will be visiting in the next two weeks, as I am scheduled to be traveling 11 off the next 16 days.


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