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Thursday, November 1, 2007

DCSP Taskforce -- initial discussions...

Following our first couple conference calls, some topics are already emerging as key areas for further discussion. Here are some of the initial themes from those discussions, in no particular order. I would be happy to discuss any of these in more depth in later postings, or one-on-one. Feel free to post your comments, reactions and suggestions in this blog. Final caveat -- this list is not yet complete, just a reflection of some of the themes that arose in the taskforce's initial discussions.
  1. Importance of strategic partnerships for the future; creating messaging for those partners and getting into more direct discussion.
  2. Drill into, explore, and better define conditions required for stores to participate in appropriate business models
  3. Importance of building awareness and action; creating a greater sense of industry need reflective of reality
  4. Need for new skills and related education
  5. Need for scalable technology and addressing current technology shortcomings

Of course, each of these points had many sub-themes and recommendations. But what thoughts do you have to expand upon this list -- either on specific points or for new points?

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