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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Inventive Ways to Cheat Online

Cheating on an online exam is actually pretty infrequent, according to a report from Examity. The online proctoring company reviewed more than 62,000 online final exams it proctored last fall and found that just 6% violated exam rules.

However, those students who did cheat were caught in some very interesting ways. The five boldest cheats included:
  • The mom of a test-taker hiding under the desk to provide the answers.
  • Someone outside of the exam room coughing the answers in Morse code.
  • A mom take an exam who hid a cheat sheet inside her baby’s bassinet.
  • Faking a coughing fit to get a cheat sheet out of the back of a test-taker’s throat.
  • Hiring a professional to take the exam.

Examity reported that 21% of the students it caught were using a cheat sheet and 14% used Google to search for answers. The company also reported that 5% simply hid flashcards under their keyboards and 3% hung the answers on a nearby wall.

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