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Friday, June 20, 2014

Are Tech Tools Too Cool for School?

Teachers know there are plenty of education apps and websites available. The question is whether those tools actually help students or merely look cool.

“Putting technology ahead of pedagogy” is a common pitfall, according to Steps to Mobile Learning, a guide published by the Consortium of School Networking. That can be avoided if teachers understand what they are teaching and how they plan to teach it, pick a set of technology skills students need to learn and stick with it, and find the right tools to use, according to Eric Patnoudes, an instructional technologist.

“Whether you’re new to integrating technology into the classroom or you’re looking to use your time more effectively, keep teaching and learning at the forefront of your planning,” Patnoudes wrote in an article for EdTech. “I’ve found that this approach relieves teachers from feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of cool tools available. Consider it just-in-time learning for teachers.”

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