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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Knewton, Microsoft announce Partnership

Knewton is trying to create the world’s most valuable repository on how people learn, according to founder and CEO Jose Ferreira. A partnership with Microsoft that allows the technology giant to incorporate Knewton software into its products is another step toward that goal.

The Knewton application programming interface (API) gives schools, publishers, and content developers a way to build personalized educational content for any student with real-time analysis of the student’s performance.

Knewton is already working with a number of publishers, as well as hardware developers, course-delivery platforms, and learning management systems. The latest partnership allows Microsoft to enhance its products, such as Office and Windows tools, while Knewton gains a much wider distribution channel, including governmental education agencies worldwide.

“Knewton is trying to create some kind of standard around adaptive learning and be the brains behind adaptive content,” Rob Wrubel, executive vice president at Apollo Education Group, told VentureBeat. “And Microsoft will now be able to offer more personalized content to students.”

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