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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Kids are Reading Electronically

At a CAMEX 2011 education session in Houston, TX, Don Newton, executive director, CCSF Bookstore Auxiliary, City College of San Francisco, told attendees he believed digital content would not gain widespread acceptance until school-aged children began using it regularly. That day is getting much closer, according to a study from PlayCollective and Digital Book World.

The survey of 900 parents found that 67% of children age 2-13 now read e-books, up 54% from a similar report from 2012. It also found that many of the kids who read e-books said they read them every day, with nearly 92% reading an e-book at least once a week.

Use of digital reading in the classroom was cited as one of the main reasons for the increase in e-reading over the past year.

“In the last year, based on this research, the kids’ e-reading has reached and passed a tipping point,” said Paul Levine, co-CEO of PlayCollective, in a report in Digital Book World. “This is becoming a normal part of their lives and becoming habitual.”

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