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Friday, August 23, 2013

Wearable Mobile Ready to Become a Hit?

Wearable mobile devices could be the next big thing, particularly on campus where tech-savvy students are always looking for that next big thing.

A study from Forrester Research found 28% of consumers said they would be willing to wear sensors such as smartwatches and Google Glass. That news comes on the heels of a report that Samsung will introduce its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which will allow wearers to make calls and browse the web.

The market for wearable devices is still small and the devices are limited in functionality. Most allow users to answer phone calls and receive notifications for text messages and e-mails. Sony has released a second-generation SmartWatch, but it must be linked to a companion smartphone to work.

Samsung has yet to reveal features for the Gear, such as screen size, battery life, and connectivity. But the new technology does given marketers a way to connect with individual consumers, according to Forrester.

“Marrying up the intelligence with the data, with sensors, with the mobile interface that the consumer chooses is the winning proposition,” said Bert DuMars, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, in an interview with Mobile Marketer

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