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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Students Would Like Mobile Reading Options

A report from CourseSmart found that just 10% of responding students actually read the assigned work for a class. However, the 500 American college students in the survey also said their response would have been much more positive if only the material was available to them on their mobile devices.

Fifty-three percent of the students said they would more likely complete required reading if it was available on their mobile devices, while 83% said they have used a mobile device for last-minute study for a test. The number of students willing to admit to mobile cramming for tests rose by 10% over 2012 report, according to a report in eCampus News.

While almost every responding student said they owned at least one digital device, 70% admitted they use three or more devices each day, and 47% said they check their devices every 10 minutes. In addition, the use of e-textbooks is on the rise, as 79% of students said they have used one for a class.

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