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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Software Turns PDFs into E-Textbooks

Advance is a new platform that allows publishers to create interactive electronic textbooks at no cost from PDFs and other flat document files. Education software company Kno introduced the new interactive learning platform, which is designed to convert documents into interactive textbooks and then enhance those textbooks with additional functionality, according to an article in Campus Technology.

The first part of Advance, Kno Ingest, makes it possible to convert flat files at a high volume. Kno Book Enhancer provides the tools to enhance functionality and update materials, including 3-D objects and video, while the third part is Kno Assessment, which lets publishers create quizzes and review material.

Kno Advance is available for both K-12 and higher education textbook publishers and is accessible through the web or applications that support Android, iOS, and Windows.

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