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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Transition to BYOD Doesn't Have to be Hard

While there are still many educators and parents who view electronic devices in the classroom as a problem, allowing students to bring their own devices is gaining traction. Jonathan P. Costa Sr., director of school and program services at the Education Connection, used a post on EdTech K-12 to discuss how the transition can be made easier.

First, a district must share its plans before launching such a program because parents need to understand what procedures will be in place to protect their children while online. The district must also assure parents it will provide devices to students unable to bring their own.

Technology has to be up the challenge, but Costa said he is convinced that concerns such as distribution, technical assistance, or searching for the “right device” are unnecessary. He also believes students will take care of the devices and that loss or damage is not that big an issue.

Finally, district leaders need to start the process.

“Let the learners drive the change,” Costa wrote. “Teach them to make good choices and then watch as they focus this energy on new ways to engage and learn your content. This is their world to create. The sooner we get out of their way, the sooner our investment in digital learning for all will pay its performance dividends.”

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