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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NYU Bookstore experiments with digital textbooks

A recent article from the New York University student newspaper discusses the NYU Bookstore’s efforts to provide students with more choice when it comes to textbook format. Last fall, the bookstore began a pilot program to give students the opportunity to purchase digital textbooks through Cafescribe and this fall it will also begin offering digital textbooks through Jumpbooks. In the article, Phil Christopher, director of NYU Bookstores commented, “I think, as we go forward, that eBooks will simply become a format that more and more students are going to want, and we wanted to be able to offer that to them.”

The NYU Bookstore is a great example of a store that is taking the time to experiment with digital options and find out what works for students. Going forward, providing students with a choice will be extremely important and will help to keep textbook sales on campus.

This semester NYU is also participating in the NMS Digital Content Platform pilot.

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