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Monday, February 15, 2010

140,000 apps available in the Apple store

In October 2009, Apple announced that its customers had downloaded over two billion apps from the Apple app store and there were 85,000 apps to choose from. By January 2010, Apple had reached its three billionth download and now there are over 140,000 apps. An interesting chart on the Mobclix website shows the number of apps in each of the 20 app categories. Books and Education apps are in the top 5 with 20,621 applications (14.3%) and 9,293 (6.4%) respectively. The number of apps in both of these categories has nearly doubled since October. We can expect that the number of apps as well as the sophistication of these apps will continue to increase in the coming months when the iPad becomes available.

In addition, Apple is nearing its 10 billionth song download. You can see how quickly the downloads are occurring via this counter on the iTunes webpage.

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