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Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you prepared for the transition to digital delivery?

The group at ICBA put together a great program this past Friday -- a full day of digital content topics. Very well done. In advance of the day, a number of stores participated in a multi-part webinar series, which included a quiz of sorts. The quiz appeared in the program brochure, but it asked such a fantastic set of questions, that I thought I should repeat it here for the benefit of all college stores -- and for that matter, other stakeholders in the higher education digital content space.

The quiz asked the following 8 questions:
  1. Have you created a sense of urgency about succeeding with digital delivery throughout your organization?
  2. Have you built a team to guide the transition to digital delivery?
  3. Have you created your digital delivery vision and strategy?
  4. Have you communicated your commitment to digital delivery throughout your organization and achieved buy-in from everyone?
  5. Have you empowered all levels of your store to act on your digital delivery strategy?
  6. Have you identified short-term wins to be achieved immediately?
  7. Are you unwavering in your desire to succeed with digital delivery?
  8. Are you using the execution of your digital delivery strategy to build a new store culture that can sustain it?

These are questions I wish every college store in the country were thinking about and working on answering. I wish I had come up with these questions first! Kudos to the ICBA on this one.

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