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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New iRex iLiad Book Edition

In a press release e-mailed to me and many others today, IRex announced a new book edition of their e-reader, available for sale later this week. Unlike the current IRex iLiad reader, the new reader will not have the built-in WiFi module, which they have used to be able to download news papers. All other features will be the same. The cost is expected to be 499 Euros, which will price it out of being competitive in a US market where both the Kindle and the Sony reader are available for under US$400.

Some other new readers are expected on the market later this year. I think I am content to wait and upgrade mine once the next round of innovative devices hits the market. Although, I may have to break down and ask for a Kindle later this year. I like my Sony Reader now that I have gotten use to it, but the wireless aspect of the Kindle is attractive. If I bought a Kindle I would want to be able to share books across the two devices so that my wife could use one and we could trade books as we often do when we finish reading them.

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