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Friday, April 4, 2008

Interesting TIME article

Thanks to Pat Krivonak for sharing an article that appeared in the March 24 issue of TIME Magazine. The cover article is on 10 ideas that are changing the world and is worth reading. Topics of global sustainability and customer service are key issues that our industry can help address -- and digital can be part of that solution. I watched an interesting financial report the other night that discussed how sustainability could be the next "wave" for investment. Certainly on the consumer side the ability to engage in self-service and providing more options at lower cost is increasingly critical. I think the discussion about the future of customer service is particularly provocative -- particularly for a society where so many of the jobs are in a service or retail environment. Of course, it opens up new opportunities for customer service -- as we see in the case of Border's concept stores and their digital center. Anyway, an interesting article for the weekend.

If you come across an article you think is interesting and fits in with the focus of this blog, please pass me a link. I would enjoy the reading and others on this list might too. We have been talking in our industry about the need to get even better at sharing knowledge -- here is one mechanism to support that.

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