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Friday, February 22, 2008

Upcoming at CAMEX

Next week one of the biggest NACS event of the year begins -- CAMEX. There will be plenty there to whet your digital appetite.

There will be a great catalyst session on Friday morning with Michael Wesch. Michael is an Anthropology professor in Kansas. He has become well known in the Internet/YouTube world for his videos on students and technology. Check out some of his videos: The Machine is Us/ing Us, Information R/evolution, and A Vision of Students Today. Along related lines, also check out Academia 2.0 and the "are we relevant" videos.

I will have the digital update session: Fighting Fire With Fire: Understanding Opportunities for College Stores in the New Digital Landscape. The title was set about a year ago and many things have happened since, but it should be a lively session this time. Among discussing some important new developments, we will also be laying out some of the elements and proposals put forth by the Digital Content Strategic Planning Taskforce, which will be discussed by the NACS Board the day before. Some of you have seen earlier drafts of that report, but we have some new action items in response to developments within the past two weeks.

At the same time as my session, the NACS General Business Meeting will take place. The general meeting is expected to run longer to allow for questions and recent developments are sure to engender some discussion.

On Saturday morning Todd Anderson will be giving a presentation on Print-on-demand (POD) entitled Espresso Books: Print-on-demand in the College Store . This should be a great session and one I hope many stores will attend. POD will be a big part of our strategy for stores this year, so here is an opportunity to learn from one of the most innovative stores in North America.

On Saturday afternoon there will be the E-books, Custom Books, and Print-on-demand - Idea Exchange . I am scheduled to be on a panel for health science stores at that time, but I am looking to hear what comes out of the discussion. I will be attempting to sit in for part of the discussion.

Of course there are many other sessions that are covering digital and retail technologies. I plan to make my CAMEX talk a bit different from earlier talks, and also different from the talks for PSG and LSG coming up in April. There always needs to be a bit of overlap, but I will do my best to provide new content -- this time around that should be easy as there are many new things to discuss.

Hope to see many of you at CAMEX!


Anonymous said...

What developments in the last two weeks are you referring to?

M said...

There are several pieces of information that relate to this question. My prior post "Are we nearing our iPod moment" alludes to one of the major ones. I can not say more about that until Monday, when an official notice will go out to store members. Monday afternoon I plan to post a copy of that memo here.

In the past two weeks we have also seen several new pieces of data that signal some important shifts in our market. For example, at CAMEX there will be a presentation on the new StudentWatch study. In this year's study we asked several specific questions of students about digital course materials and I think stores will find the findings quite surprising. The data is supported by data from other sources as well.

The new concept store of Border's is also an interesting development. As is discussions and information shared by publishers at the TOC conference early last week. I took over 40 pages of notes from TOC on topics, data or other developments that will affect stores in the year ahead. So I think there are a lot of new things happening, most of which have come about in the past two weeks.

Sorry for the teaser line. As I find time I will be posting more of the information from TOC here. The NACS StudentWatch study goes to press early next week and should be going out to members right after CAMEX. Julie Traylor will have a session on that at CAMEX on Saturday afternoon, I think. I will cover some of that content in my session on Friday afternoon as well.