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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Digital Media Permeates Hi-Ed Trends

With a new year come new predictions for higher education. eSchool Media asked a number of educators, edtech specialists, and others for their thoughts for the annual trends report. This year’s edition identified 25 trending education topics for 2018, including some anticipated to affect K-12.

Not surprisingly, digital media of various types factored into many of the trends.

“Artificial intelligence to advise how each student learns best and adapts materials for them will transition us for the future and lead to the careers that students depend on higher ed to open up,” said Laural Stiller, solution marketing manager for higher education, Hyland.

“Employer demand for career-ready candidates will drive the continued growth of immersive learning experiences like virtual and augmented reality to provide real-world practice at scale,” said Matt Seeley, product director, career education, Cengage.

“With industrial networking and connectivity between laboratory equipment, the instructor, and remote locations, students will be able to configure lab equipment and perform experiments and demonstrations at a distance. That removes the biggest obstacle to technical education at a distance and will be a game-changer for STEM courses,” said Brian Stefanchuck, professor and coordinator, computer engineering technology, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada.

Instant-access initiatives underway at Hinds Community College, Clinton, MS, will spread to other campuses, in the view of Keri Cole, dean of e-learning at Hinds: “By preloading all learning materials into our course shells through our learning management system before a term begins, we ensure all students are provided equal opportunities to be successful in their coursework. They are ready to hit the ground running on the first day of class.”

“Considerations for cloud technology is nothing new; however, most wariness around it is diminishing while more institutions look at this approach more closely,” said Jennifer Wilson, director of marketing and communications, Softdocs.

“Connected campus is another area of priority … if [students] cannot connect to Wi-Fi, they are not going to that school,” said David Doucette, director of higher education, CDW-G.

“Data integration that drives learning analytics is a core theme for 2018. Providers will be unfavorably regarded by campuses if, either by design or by omission, they make it hard to bring data together or to share it seamlessly,” said Geoff Irvine, CEO, Chalk & Wire.

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