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Thursday, May 7, 2015

AP 3.0 Platform Plans to Compensate Faculty

Academic Partnerships, which helps colleges and universities transition to online courses and degree programs, is about to begin sharing the wealth with faculty.

The online company added a revenue-sharing model as part of its updated online education platform, Academic Partnerships 3.0. Faculty members who host live online sessions can earn up to 3% of tuition revenue from the company.

The revenue-sharing agreement normally is between the university and the company, with the institution’s share growing as enrollment increases. In this new model, Academic Partnerships will not pay faculty members directly but will work with its institutional partners to distribute the money.

“This type of activity is highly desirable, and we want to properly reward and see that the professor is compensated,” Randy Best, CEO of Academic Partnerships, said in an article for Inside Higher Education. “We know universities’ budgets are tight, and we believe that the enhancement that is gained by participating [in live online sessions] is so significant that we believe it’s our responsibility to compensate.”

The faculty-hosted learning sessions will provide students with a blended learning opportunity that is fully online and available globally. The Academic Partnerships 3.0 updates will be completed by the fall and will include translation services at no extra cost to partner universities.

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