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Thursday, January 29, 2015

College Affordability Is Topic of NJ Study

A new report offers recommendations for making college more affordable and easier to complete. The report, Finding Solutions, Building Public Trust in an Era of Change, included a survey that found New Jersey residents say they believe state colleges provide excellent/good quality (87%) and high value (90%).

At the same time, it reported that 87% of respondents felt there needed to be changes in educational and business practices to increase value (87%), according to an article in eCampus News. The study was conducted by the Higher Education Strategic Information and Governance Project (HESIG) at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

The HESIG report recommended that colleges work with high schools to help better prepare students and with community colleges on transferring credits. It also suggested expanding partnerships with business to combine workforce and academic skills; allowing students to earn credit for knowledge gained outside of college; providing a clear set of skills students are expected to master; and restructuring financial aid to increase affordability and reduce debt.

“What’s at stake is citizens’ future opportunity to compete and prosper in New Jersey,” said Darryl Greer, the HESIG senior fellow who headed the project. “This initiative goes to the heart of fulfilling the promise of the benefit of a college education.”

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