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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

To Stem Attrition, College Cuts Tuition

The rising cost of higher education always seems to be in the news. Grace College is trying to change that narrative on its campus.

The evangelical Christian school in Winona Lake, IN, has launched “A Measure of Grace,” an initiative that lowers the cost of tuition for incoming freshmen by 9%. The program also provides upperclassmen with a decrease in tuition of about $500 a year, plus many textbooks are now free and students can earn most degrees offered by the school in three years.

“We’ve looked hard at how we’ve spent our money and we have looked hard at keeping costs down,” Grace President Bill Katip told WBST 22, a CBS affiliate station in Mishawaka, IN. “And we believe you can have excellence and also keep it affordable.”

College officials launched the initiative after watching the number of incoming freshmen decline after the economic recession of 2008. They made cost-cutting a priority and are now passing the savings on to students.

“My tuition is the highest it is ever going to be this year and it will go down a little each year—actually go down instead of go up like any other college in the world,” said Grace student Lydia Bronner.

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