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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gauging Teacher Readiness for Digital

Just how well prepared is the next crop of new K-12 teachers to deploy digital learning materials and online resources in the classroom? Project Tomorrow aims to find out by asking education majors and their professors.

Project Tomorrow, a nonprofit education advocacy group, conducts the annual Speak Up survey of K-12 students, teachers, and parents to track how new technologies and new media are being used in schools and at home. Again this year, the Speak Up research will include a separate survey for students and faculty in undergraduate and graduate teacher preparation programs.

Through the survey, Project Tomorrow hopes to discover how student-teachers are being trained to use tech tools and how they anticipate such tools will help their productivity and improve student achievement. As this is the fifth year for the Speak Up for Higher Education survey, it should yield some comparative data to show if and how teacher preparation is evolving. The survey is now open until May 16.

Results from the survey will be released in a report to Congress next fall. Colleges and universities that promote the survey to their School of Education will receive a separate report with findings about their own students and faculty.

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