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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

E Ink, Sony Team on Flexible Reader

It appears reports of the demise of e-ink have been greatly exaggerated.

E Ink Holdings has introduced a new flexible electronic paper display (EPD) technology that will be used by Sony in its new large-format e-reader. The company claims the new display is more durable and can weigh up to 50% less than other display screens.

The new Sony product is a 13.3-in. e-reader designed for students. At just 12.6 oz., the new device is much lighter than a 10.7-in e-reader using an LCD screen. The screen also is flexible, or at least the image provided to TeleRead appears that way.

“Flexible can mean different things to different people,” Giovanni Mancini, director of product marketing at E Ink, told TeleRead. “In our experience in working with E Ink’s direct customers and in talking to end consumers, the feedback we received was that they wanted a product which was lightweight, rugged, and conformable to a not-flat surface.”

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