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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Moving to digital Textbooks

Public K-12 school districts spend $7 billion on textbooks each year, even though most textbooks are 7-10 years old before they are replaced, according to data from the Digital Textbook Playbook that was created by the Federal Communications Commission. In addition, 81% of teachers believe tablets can enhance student learning.

Despite the interest and any possible savings, moving to digital isn’t as easy as it may look and OnlineCollege.org has created an infographic that brings some of the difficulties into focus. The graphic points to areas administrators must consider before making the swith to digital.

They include: 
  • Intensive planning and creating clear goals.
  • Teacher training and involvement.
  • Collaborative leadership.
  • A commitment to continuous support.
  • Determining current and future connectivity needs.

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