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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

50% of college students may buy an e-reader within the year

Alloy Media + Marketing has released a consumer research report with data about the purchases that students are planning to make within the next year. According to the report, 50% of the students that were surveyed are planning to buy an e-reader. Currently, only 2% of students own e-readers. This is a very interesting statistic but it is important to point out that intention does not always translate to reality. Many of the students that plan to buy an e-reader may not actually make the purchase within the year. However, this stat shows that there is great interest in e-readers and we could see a significant increase in adoption in the coming months.

The study also found that smartphones and portable gaming consoles will be popular purchases before school starts this fall. The number of students that own a smartphone is expected to increase by 26%. In addition, 73% of male students are planning to buy handheld gaming devices.

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