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Monday, September 28, 2009

NMS, CCRA, and ICBA e-textbook solution

The Chronicle recently featured an article regarding the new e-textbook solution that will be offered by NACS Media Solutions (NMS), Canadian Campus Retail Associates (CCRA), and the Independent College Stores Association (ICBA). To learn more about the initiative, a copy of the press release can be viewed in the post from September 18th. It is important to note that many college stores are already capable of handling and distributing e-textbooks. This initiative aims to expand on the e-textbook offerings currently in place and to provide stores with a system that was designed and developed based on the needs and observations of students, after they had opportunities to use and evaluate other existing systems available to them in the marketplace. The initiative does not replicate digital delivery solutions already available in the marketplace but instead offers a unique solution to help college stores transition to the stores of the future.

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